flow filter

flow filter

Dictionary of automotive terms. 2015.

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  • full flow filter — See full flow oil filter …   Dictionary of automotive terms

  • full-flow filter — See full flow oil filter …   Dictionary of automotive terms

  • partial flow filter — A bypass filter …   Dictionary of automotive terms

  • filter — [1] A device designed to remove foreign substances or particles from air, oil, gasoline, water, etc. [2] A device used either with the drier or as a separate unit to remove foreign material (contaminants) from the refrigerant Also see air cleaner …   Dictionary of automotive terms

  • flow — [1] The passing of liquid or current through something. [2] The amount of liquid or current conveyed. Also see airflow electron flow full flow filter full flow oil filter gas flow L jetronic air flow meter partial flow filter rotary flow …   Dictionary of automotive terms

  • Filter paper — is a semi permeable paper barrier placed perpendicular to a liquid flow. It is used to separate fine solids from liquids. In laboratories, filter paper is usually used with a filter funnel, Hirsch, or Buchner funnel.TypesFilter paper comes in… …   Wikipedia

  • Filter (aquarium) — Aquarium filters are critical components of both freshwater and marine aquaria.cite book |last=Riehl |first=Rüdiger. Editor. |coauthors=Baensch, HA |title=Aquarium Atlas |year=1996. 5th Edn. |publisher=Tetra Press |location=Germany |isbn=3 88244… …   Wikipedia

  • Filter (Fluid) — Der Filter (fachsprachlich auch das Filter) hält, wie ein Sieb, Feststoffe aus einem Gas oder Flüssigkeitsstrom zurück. Die feststofffreie Phase wird bei der Filtration von Flüssigkeiten mit Filtrat und in der Gasfiltration meist mit Reingas… …   Deutsch Wikipedia

  • Filter feeder — [ left|thumb|200px|Krill feeding under high phytoplankton concentration (slowed down by a factor of 12).] Filter feeders (also known as suspension feeders) are animals that feed by straining suspended matter and food particles from water,… …   Wikipedia

  • Filter graph — A filter graph is used in multimedia processing. For example to capture video from a webcam. Filters take input, process it or change the input, and then output the process data. An example of a filter, would be a video codec that takes raw… …   Wikipedia

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